Post-jam UPDATE:

You can now play a post-jam version in which we tried to fix some design issues:

- Enemies are now more recognizable and easily associated with the action to counter them

- A bottom HUD to improve comprehension of the control mechanic

- A nicer intro screen :)

Created for #LOWREZJAM 2016

Voting Results: #29 in Aesthetics, #86 Overall out of 391 entries! Not bad, thanks to those who voted!

Leader: a person who has a commanding authority or influence

Be an efficient leader!

Press SPACE or tap the screen to switch cyclically your leadership actions

Your goal:

Discover which action neutralizes each enemy of your leadershipness! There's three types of enemies

You have 90 seconds to gather at least 10 followers. That's it, the game never lasts more than 90 seconds.

Retain your followers by making the leader take the appropriate action for each different attacker.

Press Q (or 'Back' in your android device) to return to the main screen.

-- Design & Programming


-- Art

Petrus Pacheco

-- Music

NICOLAI HEIDLAS - Sunny Afternoon

Made with Defold


A Leader.apk 6 MB
A 12 MB
A 5 MB
A 5 MB
Download 4 MB
ALeader-postjam-android.apk 10 MB
Download 11 MB
Download 5 MB
Download 5 MB


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Pretty game! It turns difficult to tap the SPACE button so quicky with the "break news" enemy